eye floaters video

Eye Floaters Video

Eye Floaters Video | SK Retina Eye floaters are a common problem in the retina clinic.  Below is an eye floaters video that will help you understand what is occurring inside of your eye. With aging, the vitreous gel inside the eye begins to shrink and break down. In every human, the vitreous will separate… Read More.

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macular edema

Macular Edema and Diabetes | Is it Significant or Not?

Macular edema is a serious eye problem in patients with diabetes. Retina specialists are often asked by general ophthalmologists or optometrists to treat the eye complications of diabetes.  One of the most common complications is diabetic macular edema or DME.  Retina specialists use clinical examination in the office to determine if the edema (or swelling)… Read More.

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symptoms of retinal detachment

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

What are the symptoms of retinal detachment? Patients are often concerned about the possibility of a retinal detachment when they experience blurred vision.  In the eye clinic, I discuss the symptoms of retinal detachment on a daily basis.  This is for good reason, as a retinal detachment is an eye emergency that requires immediate diagnosis… Read More.

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Macular Degeneration Test

Free Macular Degeneration Eye Test

Macular Degeneration Test  – The Amsler Grid Ophthalmologists and retina specialists often use a simple macular degeneration test to document and detect changes in their patients’ central vision.  The test is called an Amsler grid (named after Swiss ophthalmologist Marc Amsler).  The test can detect changes in a patient’s central 10 degrees of visual field… Read More.

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macular hole

Can my Macular Hole be Fixed?

What are the symptoms of a macular hole? The macula is a critical portion of the retina responsible for our central vision and fine focus. We use the macula to read, look at our iPhones, and recognize familiar faces. Rarely, a hole can develop directly in the macula, which immediately causes a blind spot in… Read More.

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eye floaters

Eye Floaters – Causes and Symptoms

What are eye floaters? Eye floaters are a visual phenomenon caused by opacities and light scattering in the vitreous gel at the back part of the eye that cast shadows onto the surface of the retina.  These opacities cause annoying linear shadows or dark spots that move with eye and head movement.  Eye floaters can… Read More.

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vein occlusion

Retinal Vein Occlusion | All you need to know

Retinal vein occlusion is the second most common cause of blindness due to retinal vascular disease after diabetic retinopathy. Retinal vein occlusion is a common eye problem.  A major cause of retinal vein occlusions is arteriolosclerosis or the thickening of the blood vessel walls.  Thickening of the walls of your blood vessels occurs in response… Read More.

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macular degeneration and diet

Diet and Macular Degeneration

Can a specific food or diet help my macular degeneration from getting worse? Hogg, R. E., Woodside, J. V., Mcgrath, A., Young, I. S., Vioque, J. L., Chakravarthy, U., . . . Fletcher, A. E. (2016). Mediterranean Diet Score and Its Association with Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Ophthalmology. doi:10.1016/j.ophtha.2016.09.019 This recently published study reminded me of… Read More.

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diabetic retinopathy

Keeping an eye out for diabetic retinopathy

I gave a talk yesterday at Sarasota Memorial Hospital about diabetic retinopathy. Below are some of the key points from my presentation: Diabetic retinopathy is a serious public health issue.   Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age in developed countries.  In 2012, nearly 30 million Americans were diagnosed… Read More.

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what is a retina specialist with eye

Retina Specialist – Why should I see one?

A retina specialist is a doctor who has specialized in ophthalmology and has sub-specialty training in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases at the back part of the eye. My regular eye doctor sent me to a retinal specialist.  What is a retina specialist? A retinal specialist is an eye physician whose focus is… Read More.

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macular degeneration

Two types of Macular Degeneration to watch for

WHAT IS AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION (AMD)? Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is a common disorder in patients which can lead to vision loss and blindness.  It often causes thinning of the retinal layers, fluid build-up, or bleeding under the retina.  Unfortunately, it likes to affect a specific area of the retina called the macula.  The… Read More.

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diabetic eye exam

Diabetics can have severe eye disease

WHY DO I NEED A DIABETIC EYE EXAM? A yearly diabetic eye exam is recommended for patients with diabetes. WHAT IS DIABETIC RETINOPATHY? Diabetic retinopathy is a condition that can affect anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.  It is caused by damage to the small blood vessels at the back part of the… Read More.

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